lavender lovers

lavender lovers


“If rosemary is for the spirit, then lavender is for the soul.” Anonymous

Lavender is one of those quietly achieving and highly underrated scents. The healing and calming properties of lavender essential oil are amazing and the scent alone relaxes and soothes the soul. Lavender is no longer just for grandmas – we are bringing lavender back into the spotlight with this gift box packed full of products that showcase lavender in all its natural glory!
All products in this pack are scented with pure essential oils.

  • small apothecary candle scented with pure lavender essential oils
  • lavender and rose geranium deluxe magnesium soak
  • lavender and rose geranium shower shots
  • floral soap featuring lavender
  • calming lavender room spray
  • essential oil roller with lavender and frankincense
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Option 1:
Order this beautiful pack for yourself and wait a day or two for shipping confirmation.
Sit patiently by the window for a couple of days until your package is lovingly delivered by our trusty couriers.
Open package, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy.

Option 2:
Order this beautiful pack for a loved one and wait a day or two for shipping confirmation.
Sit by the phone or computer and wait patiently for a coupe of days until you receive notification that your package has been delivered.
Be content knowing your friend will open the package, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy.

Follow care instructions and advice for individual products on our product care & safety page.

Lavender essential oil is well known for its amazing heath benefits. When the aroma is inhaled it has been known to reduce stress, relieve depression and anxiety, and assist in alleviating mild sleep disturbances. Lavender essential oil also smells fantastic and can freshen up any room in the house!
Our goats milk soaps and magnesium rich bath soaks will nourish your skin and leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised . . . . .  and of course, smelling amazing.

All our products come in recycled, recyclable, or home compostable packaging. Wherever possible, we encourage customers to reuse packaging for as long as possible and recycle responsibly at the end of its life. See information about individual products on our product care & safety page for more information.

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2 reviews for lavender lovers

  1. Milla Jane

    I forgot how much I love lavender! Thank you for this beautiful pack . . .it really does sooth the soul.

  2. Ashleigh

    Love, love, love, love this one! Lavender is the best and this pack really brings out the best. Wonderful products and scent combinations. Thank you 🙂

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