Christmas tea light sample pack (6)

Christmas tea light sample pack (6)


“The smells of Christmas are the smells of childhood.”

Richard Paul Evans


These tea lights burn for around 9 hours each. They won’t scent a big room like our full candles do, but they are strong enough to let you know what to expect when you do purchase a full candle. Choose any 6 of our special Christmas scents to make up your sample pack.

Made from 100% natural soy wax, our hand poured candles are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. All our candles are paraffin and paraben free and made with lead free, cotton wicks.

Mulled wine – Sweet and spicy, with hints of a robust and fruity wine – this one will bring back memories of sipping warmed wine by a cosy fireside.
Aus. Bush Christmas – All the fresh and slightly floral scents of walking through an Australian bush – at Christmas! This scent is strong and proud.
Gingerbread – We all know what this one smells like! Grandma’s kitchen at Christmas . . .sweet, spicy, safe, and comforting.
White Christmas –  Imagine a rustic log cabin in the woods with the scent of pine, rum, and fruit mince filling the air .. . this beautiful scent is sure to be a winner.
Beach Christmas –  Another traditional Australian experience. This one has notes of orange, peppermint, cedar leaf, and amber, all underpinned by an unmistakable ocean and fresh sea air scent. Now just to bottle a beach cricket scent . . . .
Blackcurrant & plum –  What Christmas is complete without a plum pudding? Not mine! This scent is rich and sweet with hints of fresh berries on a baked pudding.
Christmas cedar-  We like cedar for Easter, cedar for winter, cedar for birthdays, and of course cedar for Christmas! This strong woody scent is simply magical.
Cinnamon & orange – A match made in heaven! These two strong and fresh scents go so well together in all walks of life. . .food, drinks, and candles! We love this one so much that we might keep it all year around!
Pine tree – Pretty self explanatory really! This original pine scent uniquely enhanced and lifted by blending pine needle essential oils with traditional pine cone and pine tree fragrance oils. You can have the smell of a fresh Christmas tree without all the mess!


Always burn tea lights in their cup and on a heatproof dish or surface. Don’t move or touch the tealight whilst it is burning as the aluminium cup will be hot. Trim the wicks to 1/4 inch before lighting – sit back and enjoy sampling our scents! Remember – your full candle will have a much stronger scent throw than the tealights.

Why not celebrate Christmas with a plethora of scents! These tealight sample packs are perfect if you aren’t sure which scent you want to commit to. They also make an awesome gift.  Put one in the cupboard for when you need a Christmas pick me up mid April.

Reuse boxes for storing knick knacks then recycle following your local council recycling guidelines. Most aluminium tealight cups can be recycled in the general recycling  (once cleaned of excess wax) but again, check with your local council recycling guidelines.

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