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about us

Boo & Woo is a business born out of iso desperation and a love for quality candles. After being stood down from my two casual jobs in mid March 2020, and in an attempt to engage the kids in some hands on creative learning, I purchased some soy wax, colours, and a few scents.  After the initial excitement of pouring and burning our own candles had worn off I was left with 3 kilos of wax and kids who had turned back to TikTok and YouTube as their source of entertainment. So I decided to go it alone.

Our small house that was now cramped with all four of us at home, including the dog (Boo) and cat (Woo), was at least smelling nice again. But we still had a lot of product to pass on. We started sharing our candles with friends and neighbours and were pleasantly surprised with the positive feedback.

After months of testing we started to sell our candles. Every dollar that came in was reinvested in wax, wicks, and vessels. I slowly became obsessed researching all the ins and out of candle making and associated products. Thermometers, heat guns, and specialty pouring jugs began to fill my craft cupboard, but I still wanted more.

After many late nights of research and product envy I decided to limit the product base to: Fragrance oil candles, essential oil candles, bath teas, magnesium soaks, shower shots, handcrafted soap, face & body scrubs, essential oil rollers, & essential oil room sprays.

For now anyway!

We are very proud to provide quality products at affordable prices As each product is literally made in our home and by hand, there will be minor inconsistencies and imperfections, but they do not detract from the quality of the product in any way.

I am passionate about supporting local business and using sustainable and environmentally friendly products. See our ‘Partnerships’ page for ways that we give back to the environment. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

We donate a % of every sale to REFOREST NOW Learn More